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Lulu Hypermarket

November 24, 2008







Lulu Hypermarket.

What’s on my mind if these word questioning to me? I will answer MY LIFE. hehehe… Sounds like a weird or pleonastic when I depict these place as MY LIFE. Lulu Hypermarket is the nearest center point in my living area. Also as a centre distance between my flat to my office. Everyday in the morning I will pass this place and after office time will be the same.

I have been 4 months living in Qatar, and you can imagine almost everyday I am going to Lulu. One exact reason to be there offcourse FOOD!!! I do really depending to Lulu’s daily food menu. In such a way, I chatted with my friends that what I will eat today its totally what Lulu’s cook want to made. hehehe… Anyway not only food things I can get from there. Just like a common shopping centre, I can found any daily products indeed. If 25th date is coming, a number of money exchange in Lulu will be seen with a long queque people waiting to transfer money to their relatives. First floor available only for daily products and some of tenants such as : Dunkin Donuts, Baskin n Robbins, Cafe and Resto, etc. On second floor furnished with clothing, household need, electronic, and so on. As what I mention in the beginning, that this place as a centre points to meet. I’ve been several times take an appointments with my new friends here and we decided to take Lulu as a central point to met.

On my final word, I just want to say that I was lucky got a nice a living place area which is easy to find and got an extra benefit when I can looking things in a near place.

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