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August 26, 2010

Gizmo is a slang word refer to “Gadget”. And this time, I tried to disclose the “mystery” of gadget usage into the subject of gizmologies.

Why Gismologies?? I discovered most of people nowadays barely live without their gizmo on their side everytime. From women and men, young to elderly and urban to rural they have it. My observation may had  only in a small society scope. Into my observation I conclude some points which became the reasons of:

– Ads victim

– Social lifestyle

This device nowadays chosen as prior gadget by customers. Manufactured by Research in Motion (RIM) Canada and capable to string businessmen importances by providing Push Mail, Internet Browser, RSS Feed News, and embedded with entertainment support. Initial launched market was targeted to businessmen group and for traveler person. But, in fact many of office workers, students, and other societies prefer to use Blackberry because with all the supporting contents given for them. I met many of persons who frequently travel to different regions, and he felt very supported on his work while Blackberry always on his hand. However, it usage a bit slide down to another perspective and its exclusivity has been diminished when many of people used Blackberry not only for their job supporting gadget but it’s been use as a normal mobile phone in society.

The second top rank gizmo is I Phone from Apple. It’s totally my perspective to gave 2nd listed rank for I Phone since from prices Apple products still more expensive than Blackberry gizmo. Apple I Phone is one of the fruity creation from their CEO Steve Jobs. Motorman of the company with slammed market with his new idea technology penetration. This gizmo more likely targeted to high class end and youth minded communities.

Now, I’d like to tell you that those gizmo became very popular because they provided with some interest contents or applications. What are they:

Top ranked social networking site. Yes it’s Facebook. After invented by Mark Zuckerberg on 2004 and initially used only for his small college community until became the biggest social networking site in the world. Facebook application in Indonesia, became one of the main reason usage level of people to use Internet and gadget. They lust to do anything to get updated on their Facebook account. No wonder on that fact, Indonesia became a rocket star as stat recorded Facebook user in million users only on 2 years.

Since its created by Jack Dorsey in 2006, Twitter became another favorite micro blog. With its 140 characters only we could “tweet” anything we though and responses with our friends. After its coming end in Indonesia, Twitter became optional for society to communicate each others.

It’s been invented by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai in 2009. In the beginning they had made Dodgeball project on 2005 which bought by Google but it has shut down on 2009.  This latest social networking site able to locate someone where ever their go.

Now, technologies circle very fast and as a user we will wait and see what other innovations will be invented for our social life.

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