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She will be loved..

June 14, 2015

Assalammualaykum Wr.Wb Brother and Sister,
“I don’t mind spending everyday
  Out on your corner in the pouring rain
  Look out the girl with a broken smile
  Ask her if she wants to stay a while
  And she will be loveeedd..
  She will be loooooveeeddd..”

A refrain song from Maroon 5 with a title “She Will Be Loved” whispered in my ears and it is so lovely. I believe when Adam Levine wrote this song lyric, he was felt to spread his love emotions to others. Many people have different ways to understand the lyrics and so do I.

Intentionally, I put this lyrics as a mount picture for my notes as my concern to the women in the family all over the world. In my family I’ve been grown in women surrounded of me. My mother and my sister are women who had spent the most time in my life. Since I woke up my dad has been started to go for work and my mom is always there to prep all the necessary stuff in the morning.

Mom is the one who fundamentally built ourself. Since we still in the womb until born, our skin first time was touched by our mom. In medical science known as early initiation, where the baby born has to find its feed by theirselves. She is the prior one who raise us with love. In Islam the position of mother is supreme. Hadits Bukhari and Muslim stated “Love your mother, and your mother and your mother then your father”. Three times the name of mother was stated than father explain mother very meritorious to children.

My sister is the one who I spent a lot of time at home. She taught me my school lesson, she taught me how to ride a bike, she taught me many things in my daily life. While back when I start study in college, we as a brother and sister start to live together. She’s working while I’m going to college. It wasn’t long until she got married and 3 of us live together. Year later another women pouring the happinness in the middle of family when 2 nieces born.

10 years later after all the smiles given from women in my family, finally I decided to find my woman to continue spread the happinness of smile. And Alhamdulillah, praise to be Allah in late 2014 a daughter with a lovely smile born to the world and we gave her name ALITZA MAIRA MEDINA which has a deep purpose Insha Allah our daughter will become a beautiful muslim woman who is shining like a Medina City. And up till now finally I feel very lucky surrounded with women in my family. Many hadits stated about reward taking care a women in honoured. One of them is hadits from Asy-Syaikh Al-Albani ” Whoever has 3 daughter and they patiently raise them, feed them from their property the hellfire is haram for them”.

My closing statement, love your woman whoever they are. Your woman in your family, your loved one, and honour to all woman. Honour them and let them shine as the most precious things in the world. I hope this is a good reason for me to restart blogging.

Wassalammualaikum Wr.Wb

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