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Author Background

Author’s full name is Yudho Baskoro. And he likes to be called only by his surname Yudho. He was born on Jakarta, Sept 12th, 1984. Even he was born in Jakarta, but most of his chilhood spent in a small town “Cirebon”. From 1st year until he graduated his high school all the times pass in this town.

His name originally derived from Javanese words:

Yudho = Battle/ War

Baskoro = Sun/ Solar

And it would be means “The men who battle with the sun/ solar”. His existence to remind his father struggle when he was on pregnant, his father was field worker and got sunbathed on his job.

Born from Javanese tribe parent’s and live with strong javanese and sturdy muslim environment. His father and his mother originally came from the same town “Purworejo” in Central Java. Small town but it’s really nice.  Actually he has two siblings. One eldest sister and one mid brother. However, Allah SWT had plan for our family and took my brother on his 7 months age on His side because of dengue.

From a little boy, he got consumed with sufficient Islam educations. Start from his 4th years old learn on Madrasah with his big fellow and continued his formal educations from Al Azhar Cirebon until he accomplished it on Junior High School.

The little boy got some achievements on his elementary age. He was part of contingent of “Shalah Jamaah” competition all over Al Azhar in nation and rewarded of 2nd champion. Beside that, he was part of  Al-Azhar glorious time on Basketball championship on the city which winning several competition continously. Remember we are 11 or 12 years old kid!!

Step up to high school era, he mostly spent his time for study and lessons.

Enroll to college, he was pick to Economic/ Management subject. Initially, he really interested to get on Industrial Engineering or Information Technology on University of Indonesia. However, good fortune was not on him. And he turned his chosen to Air Transport Management subject on Trisakti University. During his studied, he got new paradigm on economy view. Since he was speciality on Air Transport Management, he went known with transportation system and its chain. Then after, he dug deepen to export/ import knowledge and its business circle.

Graduated on Trisakti University on 2007 where was happen big flood calamity in Jakarta history. Really unforgetable memory that time.

Flap his path into new phase “Looking for Job”. As one of his lectures ever said “Deploy your CV as much as you can, whether you would accept or not it’s only to measure your value in front of the company” other quote is “Take the first chance you get and unleashed your capacity”. This words from his lecture really make double spirit of him to get the job. And thanks to Allah SWT, not take times he got his first job on UPS Indonesia. As his willing to got job from MNC (Multi National Company). Hold for 1.5 years and his trying to get luck from other company for develop. He likes to dream and asked to the God to give him a chance to work and live abroad. God replied his pray and there was job offered from Gulf Agency (GAC) Qatar on April 2008. With several process, finally he got this job and take the challenge on August 2008.

After several life process, presently he return back into his motherland and worked in Owned State Oil and Gas Company.

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